Sigma Chi: Alpha Lambda Chapter, University of Wisconsin
One of Sigma Chi's fundamental purposes is to encourage learning. This is true here at Alpha Lambda as one of the primary benefits of membership.

The scholarship programs, both formal and informal, have lead to the undergraduate chapter having a cumulative GPA higher than the all men's average, a much higher graduation rate, and much success in entering graduate programs.

The chapter provides financial awards to the brothers for academic performance. These awards are funded by gifts of concerned alumni to encourage academic excellence:
  • Paul Berge awards an annual Excellence in Achievement Award;
  • The Frank Thayer Award honors our long time advisor;
  • The Albert Nicolas Steve Bennett award a Leadership Development Award;
  • Several awards are granted for best GPA performance.

Additionally the national fraternity awards scholarships at both the undergraduate and graduate level. All scholarship applications can be downloaded on this page.

If you have any questions about Alpha Lambda Chapter scholarships, please contact Kurt Mittlestadt, President, at

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